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michael steinhardt

Michael Steinhardt’s philosophy for personal and professional satisfaction centers on the belief that monetary success does not give meaning to life; accumulated wealth is not an inherent value in a life well lived. Steinhardt epitomized this tenet when he closed his hedge fund in 1995 and devoted himself, and his fortune, to Jewish causes. Specifically, Mr. Steinhardt committed to revamping American Jewish life and re-kindling a connection for those on the margins of Judaism.

Michael Steinhardt’s financial career began when he graduated from the Wharton School of Business in 1960. He worked as research associate, staff writer, and securities analyst in various firms. He formed his own money management firm in 1967, named Steinhardt Partners L.P., where he experienced unprecedented success. In his memoir, No Bull: My Life In and Out of the Markets, published in 2001, Mr. Steinhardt shares his life’s journey and the private and public experiences that have shaped his career. His second Book, Jewish Pride, will be released in September, 2022.


He is married to Judy Steinhardt. They live in New York and have three children and 13 grandchildren. Michael Steinhardt founded The Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish Life, of which he serves as chair. He is also co-founder of Birthright Israel, a transformational program to bring young Jews to Israel for immersive 10-day visits.

Michael Steinhardt co-founded the Areivim Philanthropic Group in 2006 with the late Bill Davidson. Areivim brings together dedicated Jewish philanthropists to launch and endorse innovative programs to transform and revitalize Jewish, Hebrew, and Israel education in North America. 

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