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CORE Values

The Areivim Philanthropic Group, a unique consortium of entrepreneurial philanthropists, views innovation, collaboration, leverage, measurable outcomes, mentorship, and shared learning as core values for reinvigorating Jewish life in North America.

  • Innovation – Areivim is dedicated to the development of bold new ideas and programs.

  • Collaboration - We value our collective Jewish responsibility by working together and inspiring one another to take risks to improve Jewish life. This partnership is as important as the financial impact of the group.

  • Leverage - We value using our collective resources in order to leverage support from a variety of funding sources to develop large scale programs that have a meaningful impact on Jewish engagement.

  • Measurable Outcomes – Our projects have clearly articulated goals measured by integrating assessment tools to ensure efficient and effective programming.

  • Mentorship – We seek to inspire and nurture rising philanthropists to participate in large scale meaningful giving in order to ensure that our work continues into the future.

  • Shared Learning - Areivim believes in the importance of continued shared learning opportunities for its partners to further enrich the understanding and needs of Jewish life

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